Rocka Magazine is an independent online music publication dedicated to illuminating the spirit behind the streams.

Est. 2018 in Colorado Springs, CO ☆ Currently operating out of Detroit, MI.

Dear Rocka readers,

Thanks for finding your way to my little internet niche. Rocka is a site dedicated to telling stories about the music and artists that I believe in. I’ve always wanted to dig deeper into the music and the people behind the streams rather than just throw some modifiers into the air and write something bland. Rocka is not hard-hitting journalism, and I hope to keep it that way. Everything you see aside from the logo is done by me and has been through quite the evolution over the past few years, as the website has grown with me. I started writing about music when I was 14 and probably shouldn’t have been stalking bands on Instagram trying to find contact info. I launched Rocka about a week after I turned 16 and have since watched it become everything I have ever wanted. Rocka is my pride and joy, and I hope my readers find themselves connected with artists they find through it. I strive to portray the artists as who they are behind the numbers and dive into what makes music such an integral part of life. I hope you enjoy perusing my work over the years and find some new tunes to add to your library.

Rocka out,


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