Rocka Magazine is an independent online music publication dedicated wholeheartedly to music. (See ‘The Telos of Rocka’).

Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Editor in Chief:

Alexandra Hall (IG: @alexanbhall)

Dear Rocka readers,

My name is Alexandra Hall and everything you see is done by me. Every article is written by me after either conducting an interview or having too many thoughts about a particular album or song. My goal for this site is to create a platform on which my words can shine light onto art that I support and that deserves attention. It is a virtual journal of my adventures with the bands I converse with, as well as an opportunity to grow as a writer and a listener. As the world is plagued by viciously controversial politics, I strive to create a cove on the Internet free of that. I hope you enjoy my articles and expand your music library.

Much love always. Thank you for reading.

Rocka out.


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