The Invitation

Dear Rocka readers,

I always like to address anyone who ends up on Rocka with letters instead of stale blog posts. Ultimately, I am a person behind a screen just like you. I won’t pretend to be anything more than what I am. If you’ve found yourself here with absolutely no idea what Rocka is or who I am, welcome. My name is Alexandra and I think I have tinnitus from years of extremely loud and frequent headphone use. Rocka is a space where I write features that are more stories than anything else. I strive to show readers the people behind the streams and why their work is important. If you’re a Rocka veteran, you know what you’re getting into. 

In my few years of working with musicians, attending concerts, and dedicating a huge portion of my time to listening, I’ve become interested in the elements of music that are not the artist, album, or concert itself, but rather the experience of music. I’ve noticed tics that music-lovers possess, the inability for some of our most poetic songwriters to express basic thoughts, how music lovers share and hide their work, and how necessary music is for the wellbeing of so many people. The community elements of music, the live shows, everything that contributes to the impact music has on us. That is what I’ve really come to see these past few years. 

Rocka Rambles will be a page of Rocka where I will write pieces that are casual in nature, first-person, and more abstract. They will hopefully read like conversations you’ve always wanted to have about music, or maybe just things you’ve never thought about in detail before. 

If you’re interested in any of that, you’ve found yourself in a great place. I am going to try and do them monthly, but I’ll always put quality over quantity. If you have any ideas, input, or commentary about the pieces, you can email me through the contact portion of the site. 

At the end of all of my interviews, I ask the artists why listeners should tune in. Some have taken this the wrong way. Some literally have no answer. Others have a clear reason for why they’re creating. I’ll put the pressure on me now to answer that question. My “why” for creating this portion of the website is to write about music where it actually exists: in sweaty living-room size concert venues, blasting in headphones, and serenading us through our days.



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