Washing Cars With Carter Ace

The sounds of rushing water and machine gears groaning greeted my ears as soon as the call picked up. After a few minutes of nervously trying to speak over sounds the both of us couldn’t decipher, Carter Ace a linked me up to his car’s Bluetooth sound system and took me for a drive.

A shaky start, but a funny one at that.  

Like most teenagers, I find myself bobbing my head to meaningless “mumble rap” on the radio, usually trapped in a car with other kids my age. Although some genuinely idolize some of the artists they play, the majority of listeners tune in for the background noise. They want the same throbbing bass, the same semi-coherent chorus that can be picked up on the first listen, and the Fortnite dances that fill in the awkward air. Most of the rap I hear nowadays is sloppy, meaningless, and boring. The lyrics are recycled, run of the mill, and lack any sort of talent or sophistication.

When I heard Carter Ace for the first time, I felt like I had just popped my head up from being underwater for at least a decade.

“I Think I’m Normal” came on one of my Spotify shuffles one Friday night. Before I could even grasp what was going on, I felt my body start moving. My hips swung slightly and my head bowed in rhythm. I felt good about listening. Uplifted, even. I didn’t feel ashamed that I knew the chorus after a few listens, and I didn’t roll my eyes when humming the beat later, laughing at myself for liking the song.

Fearless. Vibrant. Inclusive.

That is the sound Carter Ace brings to the table.

Carter Ace is composed of Gio Alford on the drums, Fahem Erfan on bass and guitar, Daniel Durant also on bass, John Redwood on keyboard, and Carter Ace on vocals. Together, they are a gold mine of originality and excitement.

After being challenged to a rap battle by his cousin when they were both fourteen, Ace realized he had a gift that had been wrapped (or rather, rapped) for years. Because of a simple threat, Ace discovered a huge aspect of his identity and began to make music. Ace grew up around a variety of different sounds ranging from jazz to African music. This diversity in sound evolved his musical ear to such a degree that Ace’s music appeals to any and all. His sound evolves with every release, but sticks to a core of authenticity.

In discussing what makes Ace’s sound so invigorating, Ace himself revealed, “Our music just isn’t formulaic. It’s solely based off what feels good.”

There is a fine line between meaningless and pretentious production. It’s called real art. Carter Ace waltzes this line with class, defining a future of rap and dance music that means enough, but not too much. Ace’s music challenges our dumbed down ears and excites them for a new sound.

Ace also offers more than once in a blue moon releases and a scripted social media presence. He uploads Youtube videos of behind the scenes features to his music videos as well as a series of him making songs in a day. His Instagram has similar clips, showcasing his ability to make beats out of literally anything he can get his hands on.

Apples? Glasses? Cabinet doors? You name it.

Carter Ace’s flexible, fresh style is a fit to every ear. Whether you just need to dance, your mind feels cluttered, or you’re going through a car wash, Carter Ace is the soundtrack to your weekends and adds vibrance to your youth with every beat.

Until next time, Rocka out.

Carter Ace

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