Leland Blue’s Coastline

Leland Blue, a rising indie rock/ pop band from Midland, Michigan, released their first official single in roughly a year on August 31, 2018. “Coastline” was eagerly awaited for by the few but passionate fans the band has maintained in their few years of music making. Having graced many’s Spotify Discover Weekly playlist with their hit songs “Sofia…” and “Cold Comfort”, Leland Blue heads forward with this new single that is far different than anything they’ve released before.

“Coastline” is an acoustic based song written by Connor Robertson, the drummer for the band, who drafted the lyrics after watching a TEDx Talk about the “Blue Mind Theory” by Dr. Wallace J. Nichols. In a nutshell, the theory states that whenever you are near a body of water, your stress levels naturally go down.

“The song came from that combined with a longing to leave my hometown and chase my wildest dreams,” Robertson elaborates.

Benjamin Roberston, the lead singer or Leland Blue, says that he needed to make is own meaning behind the song as the lead singer. After all, his execution of the lyrics are vital to the song’s meaning and the listener’s experience. The second Robertson brother says,

“The song suggests that the coastline is our place of peace, serenity, fun… but to other people maybe it’s something completely different. So in the song we talk about breaking away from day to day life to go out and find peace… just going out there and finding your happy place and taking a break from mundane routines.”

“Coastline” is a perfect farewell to summer tune that continues to captivate me and many others with every single play. Keep an eye out for Leland Blue and what they have in store for the near future. Hint… it’s a lot.

Until next time readers, Rocka out.

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