Welcome to Rocka Magazine, the online magazine dedicated wholeheartedly to music and music only. There is no place on this website for messy politics, something that has infiltrated nearly every media outlet and has been shoved into our noses. This site is a break from that, so breathe some fresh air, readers.

Rocka is a platform for underrated bands to be recognized in all of their small-band-glory, and a place you can point to when they get big. Think of this website as a cool kid card.

“Telos” is the Greek word for “purpose” or “goal”. Therefore the Telos of Rocka Magazine is: Music. Simply that. No strings attatched, no subscripts or email spam. No pop quizzes in this class.

So take a seat, grab some snacks, and Rocka out.

–Alexandra Hall, Editor in Chief of Rocka Magazine

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